2.1 Wireless test system (compatible with 2G to 4G technological systems)

A test product for collecting, analyzing and optimizing analysis report for wireless network data.

2.2 Wireless test terminal for mobile communication

U-Touch portable test terminal is professional wireless test terminal equipment that can automatically test busiensses such as voice, data etc. through road APP test integrated on intelligent terminal.

2.3 Signaling collection platform, and network analysis and optimization software

Huiyan 234G data traffic platform: collect 2, 3, 4G multi-interface signalling, to realize deep analysis on end-to-end 2,3,4G data business.
Huiyan Volte business platform: collects IMS multi-interface signal and realize deep analysis on end-to-end Volte business.
2G/3G/4G based multi-interface signalling complaint and analysis treatment platform: perform intelligent positioning on complaints using 2G/3G/4G soft and hard signalling to realize closed -loop management.
Soft and hard signalling correlation simulation DT / CQT platform: to accurately ensure the user location using soft and hard signalling correlation to realize emulation of road test and building test.


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